Ethics in entrepreneurial activity is an approach of fundamental importance for the proper functioning and credibility of a company towards shareholders, towards customers and suppliers and, more generally, towards the entire economic context in which it operates. .

Silmav intends to transform knowledge and appreciation of the ethical values ​​to which it relates into a competitive advantage.

The Company has therefore decided to adopt this Code of Ethics and Conduct which aims to confirm and establish in a document the principles of correctness, loyalty, integrity and transparency of conduct, of the way of operating and of conducting relationships both on its own internal and vis-à-vis third parties.

Consequently to the definition of the Code of Ethics and of the Organization, Management and Control Model, the Company has set up a special Supervisory Body which has the task of supervising the functioning, effectiveness, adequacy and compliance of the same; therefore, a specific e-mail has been created, specified below, in which it is possible to report any defaults in the utmost confidentiality.